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About us

A unique production technology

Our production line for casting slats for pigs and cattle is unique throughout the entire process.
In addition to vibrating the concrete – what every manufacturer does – we also compress the concrete. Compressing the concrete creates a very tight and harder concrete which we certify for use in enviroments classified as severely aggressive enviroments.

During this manufacturing process we use concrete which has less added water to the concrete mixture compared to conventional production of slats. This contributes to a better indoor climate and facilitates the cleaning and washing of the livestock buildings.

See our new animation on the advantages of our concrete slats 

Durable slot openings

When using SundsAlfa slats you will notice a significant difference when it comes to how clean the slatted floors are. Our design of the slot openings below floor level where our slot openings widen quickly, helps manure to pass through easily, even when mixed with a lot of straw – it does not get stuck in openings.

Tests at a research insitute hav eproven that our slats can handle a high usage of straw, as much mas 150 g of straw per animal per day without any negative impact on cleanliness of the pens.

Your guarantee

It is our commitment to exlusively use raw materials of the highest certification. This is your guarantee for a top-quality product that minimizes damages to hoofs and legs. Your guanatee for a long-lasting dolution for decades to come.

All our slats are, of course, certified to EN 12737 (with addition of DSK).