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Installing concrete slats can be easily and simpel to do

Almost all slats are delivered packed on pallets with 3”x3” sticks between each layer*. As well as all slats are stacked on the pallets as they have to be installed in the stables (all slats are delivered with the top of the slat facing up). The assembling of the slats can therefore be done with help by fx a building crane. The slats can be taken directly from the vehicle and quickly and easy be installed into in the buildings, without the already installed slats being subjected to heavy loads.

*To countries overseas we will pack the slats with less space between each layer to optimize the cost of freight.

In existing buildings the assembling can be done easily by using a forklift. Because of the space between each layer it is possible to transport every slat/layer with a forklift from the pallet to the barn, without manually lifting the slats. The forklift can even install the slats directly into place as long as you can drive between the channel walling.
Using either a building crane, forklift or… makes the assembling more gentle to the slats (avoid risks of handling scratches), do the job much more easily, efficient and gentle to the workers. 

The installation of 1,450 m2 og slats into my newly build pig barns only took about 10 hours for three men assisted by a crane.