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Slats with insert of long-lasting plastic

The DUO-slat is a specially designed concrete slat with a prefabricated, acid-resistant, plastic insert made of long-lasting plastic (HDPP) as a protective coating. The layer prevents corrosion of the concrete under and around feeders and troughs. The slats maintain the draining effect – including in the protected areas, as the slat openings are maintained. Furthermore, it has a non-skid/slip surface, which makes it safe to walk on.

The DUO-slat is intended to be installed under and around the manger, primarily the tube feeding machines, as this is where the chance of corrosion is most present. Since most machines are 60-70 cm wide, it is most often necessary to use 3 slats per. pigsty. The corrosion-proof area in the pigsty will thus be 80 x 120 cm.

A renowned product

We have almost 20 years of experience with the production and use of DUO-slats at home and abroad, and regularly receive praise for the product. Many re-order the DUO-slats for new construction or renovation. We have not yet received a complaint on the DUO-slats. Likewise, we experience that the DUO-slats were taken in use the first years after launch, is still in operation.

Construction of the slats

The DUO-slats are covered with plastic on the first 80 cm from one end. The plastic lays as an insert around the slats surface and down the top 30 mm of the slats’ sides, as well as around the end of the slat, without loosing its drainage abilities, because the slot openings are kept.

The 5 mm thick plastic insert is made with a lot of small buds for an non-skid surface.

The plastic is precast plastic inset made of HDPP (polypropylen). HDPP is harder than human nails (which can be compaired to the pigs hoofs), not like PE, which is softer. This makes the insert is as strong and durable, as we can make it.

Furthermore, the slat has a molded water drip in the plastic insert, so that water, saliva etc. drips from the slat before it comes into contact with the concrete.

The benefits of the DUO-slat:

• Acid-resistant surface
• Non-slip surface
• Smooth transition between plastic and concrete
• No corrosion on the side due to the insert’s water drip
• Usable with any feedmachine and manger
• Acid protection is pre-installed
• No need for extra coating
• Over 15 years durability

Product pictures

Why you should choose the DUO-slat

* An ACO Plan plate is a non-slip polymer concrete plate. The first 15 cm of the slats right behind this plate have to be treated with some epoxy kind of protection.

** If the durface is not maintained correctly you have to calculate a total renovation of the surface. The costs for this renovation is about 80 EUR per dry feeder (6 slats) – If not, the slats have to be renewed.


Installing SundsAlfa slats for a new building project.

Pig Facts

See why quality slats are important for both animal welfare and your bottom line.

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