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Livestock slats

Slats for the individual needs

We have applied the Danish Livestock Organisations’ standards and recommendations in the development of our livestock slats. We have a broad range of slats and floors for calves, slats for cattle for normal use, light or heavy traffic.

Slats for livestock

The polished and non-skid surface with rounded slat edges prevent hoof and udder injuries. The slats have a gap of 35 mm, which ensures optimal movement of manure, which again facilitates daily cleaning and maintenance and improves animal welfare.

Our selection of livestock slats

You can find SundsAlfa livestock slats in the following variants.

– 6 beam-slats for normal use, 1.5 or 5-tonne axle load. 1050 mm wide

– 2 beam-slats for normal use, with a height of 140 or 160 mm. 350 mm wide

Extend the lifetime of your drive-on slats by correct use

Our drive-on slats are have been statically calculated. With the calculation of load, we have used a higher safety margin that the industry usually does. Following pressure tests have shown, that peak load is significantly over the declared load.

Therefore you can trust in the slats durability as well as your guarantee that the slats can handle the daily use.

Product pictures


Installing SundsAlfa slats for a new building project.

Safety information

See and downloade the driving instructions for driving on slats with 5 tons or above.



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